Shai changed her hair color.

She knows that as well.

You're afraid of Sofia, aren't you?

He has spoken English well for many years.

When the emperor read the unfounded accusations, the citizens were forlorn of all hope.

I can walk at least two miles.

Trucks made it easy for goods to be transported.


That problem has been shelved for the time being.


The airliner didn't have a cockpit voice recorder.

Is that really you?

I began the book.

Companions with the same aim, to carve out their own future, cooperate with each other.

The number 6 people are extremely magnetic

There was a feeling of constraint in the room; no one dared to tell the king how foolish his decision was.

The foreign executives visited the manufacturing plant.


He may be a genius.

He beat his children.

Bobby isn't likely to do that.

I have absolutely no intention of ever doing that again.

A boy ran up to me.

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They loved Metin.

When you hear hoofbeats behind you, don't expect to see a zebra.

Do you dream in French?

Hildegarde, my wife and I sleep together two times a week.

I'll only talk to Charley.


Did you receive any compensation for the damaged luggage?

Kees always looked busy.

Rich is very interested in sports.

Milk makes us strong.

However, I can't help noticing, at this moment, that at first glance it seems inevitable that the shark will devour the man.

You had no right to tell Janos that.

I knew you'd be happy.

I'm still not sure.

She is rarely late for appointments.

He caught me by the arm.

Can you really blame him?

Beauty is a short lived tyranny

The strikers hectored the few scabs courageous enough to cross the picket line.


Are you really sure that this is what you want to do?

Our goal is to own a home before we are thirty.

Plastic ran through the woods.


Dick promised to come back by three o'clock.

I need more supplies.

This summer I went on vacation in Scotland.

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There were fewer people at the rally than organisers had hoped for.

I think Nils doesn't like it here.

I met her in the street.


A large quantity of air-conditioners has been sold since the temperature is high.

I would do anything to get a job.

No matter how sneaky you are, you can never surprise yourself.

I think I will occupy myself in my father's business.

I've been waiting for him for an hour.


Two times two equaled four before the Arithmetic Revolution.

There is no objective measure of a word's badness. It all comes down to context.

On the language website, he could not find the selection for Lingua Franca Nova.

Relax, it's just a scarecrow.

This is the house which was designed by a famous architect.

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I wonder how much money Patricio makes.

We looked all over for them.

Sing with us.

Acknowledge your own faults before criticizing others.

I realized I was off my guard.

Which one do you like most?

Bud is getting ready to sing.

On account of ill health the writer couldn't go through with the work.

A tricorn trimmed with gold lace was set at a rakish angle over a wig of white curls that dropped down to his waist.

You love Christmas, don't you?

He is good at singing.

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Are you going to Bryan and Piet's wedding?


Go on, snigger.

Kathy should've been at the meeting.

Your idea cannot be brand new. I heard about it from another source last year.

She came across a wolf.

Alain is a hopeless romantic.

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Why don't we all go out to get something to eat?

We're involved.

I met him three summers ago.


Moran looked upset.

I've offended you, haven't I?

I thought Pedro lived in this neck of the woods.

When it comes to drugs, there's a very fine line between use and abuse.

Hold him down.

Who had this idea?

Do you know which book sells well now?

Mr. Mitsubishi is drinking at home to save his drinking money.

You've got to be kidding me.


She is very fond of writing poems.

I don't trust local TV.

Billy doesn't live near his office.

To do him justice, he is not a bad man.

Tanaka didn't know Pitawas had a husband.


My husband is a senior citizen.


The study is biased.


She predicted the book would be very successful.

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I hope you're wrong about this.

All you have to do is do your best.

It's not that I don't love you, I just don't want to live with you.

He is at home on batting.

Are you going to do something about that?


If you had a time machine, when would you go to?

We have little time to waste.

You stay with us now.

That's a dangerous line of work.

Now it's another thing.

It's a pleasure to meet you all.

What was he doing in his room?

I think we should go with you.

How does this camera work?

It is strange that you should know nothing about the matter.

Ernest had what looked like a gin and tonic in his hand.

Who does not admire Rodney?

Let your hair down a little.

Alcohol has taken over your life.

All racists are hypocrites.


We can't leave any loose ends.

Those things are irrelevant.

He looked around uneasily.

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Be sure to come at 3.


It's more expensive to eat at a restaurant than to eat at the school cafeteria.

She decided on the red coat.

Luis didn't even care that I was late.

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I don't take them seriously.

Novo loves traveling.

This flower is blue.

These lemons are fresh.

He was lying in bed a long time.

What did you just say?

Rainer will be able to answer your question.

He isn't able to read.

You talk fast.

Do you have a better idea?

Raj speaks Spanish, and Betty speaks Spanish, too.

A captain is above a sergeant.

Did you mistake the margarine for butter?

Music affords us much pleasure.

We're quite fond of her.

Alexis dropped a dish and it broke.

Del isn't afraid to get his clothes dirty.

Douglas did not oppose slavery.

"Short tempered as ever." He said while dodging Reika's fist.

I think that would be very unwise.

For some reason the message text was corrupted, so I restored it before reading.

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It's very tough to win.


Sanjeev handed Shuvra a knife.

I don't have an answer.

Modern civilization rests on a foundation of science and education.

Angus would've been proud of you.

We walk along the lakeside.

Is everyone waiting?

Read as many newspapers as you can so as to keep up with the times.

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Nothing went wrong.

How is the first song called?

Her dresses show most of the hues of the rainbow.


What are you going to be in the future?


Jef saw it on the news.

I figured Sue wouldn't come.

Norma could be in for some trouble.


I convinced her of his sincerity.

Why are you calling?

You're not too old for this job.

Please wake me up at six tomorrow morning.

My father likes strong coffee.

The wine complemented the meal perfectly.

Our teacher made us clean the room.

We'll never agree to that.

That's the response to my question!

I got the impression you didn't like me.

My video channel on YouTube has a wide viewership.